Sacred Heart Church, Pudukkottai
Celebrating 100 Years (1911-2012)
Welcomes Everyone for Sacred Heart Jesus Blessings

- Most.Rev.Fr.U.Savarimuthu, Parish Priest

More than 100 Years of Church History

  • 1911: Church Opened and Blessed and Dedicated to Sacred Heart of Jesus and Sacred Heart of Mother Mary.
  • 1912: Pudukkottai Parish Formed including Machuvadi, Chettiapatti, Thirukokarnam, Namanasamuthram and Rajagopalapuram. Rev.Fr.Gass Teads, who has been working as Professor for more than 30 years in St.Joseph's college Trichy, appointed as the 1st Parish Priest in Pudukkottai. He constructed the twin tower in the Church which is 100 feet height and also built the Nuns House and brought the Sisters from Holy Cross Trichy. It's special that to construct this Nuns house, the Pudukkottai King Bairava Thondaman donated Money.
  • 1919: Rev.Fr.Justin Vyan appointed as the 2nd Parish Priest after the 1st Parish Priest retired. He brought all the Idols from Europe apart from the three main Idols in the Altar and installed in the Church. Apart from the main Altar he constructed two more Altars in the Church, St.Sebastian Chapel and Baptism place in the Church.
  • 1923: Most.Rev.Fr.Tettaus has been proudly working as the 3rd Parish Priest in the Church.
  • 1927: Most Rev.Fr.J.Jagannathar from the Parish has been appointed as the 4th Parish Priest and has done many religious services.
  • 1930: Pudukkottai Parish came under Mylapore Diocese as per the Agreement between Portuguese Government and Vatican.
  • 1932: Our Lady of Refuge Nuns House has been started with four nuns by Most.Rev.Fr.C.C.Paretta, who has been appointed as the 5th Parish Priest and has been served from 1930 to 1934. During his period, he brought electrical power to the Church and illuminiated the Church with highly designed electrical lamps.
  • 1934: Most.Rev.Fr.Maria Joseph has been appointed as the 6th Parish Priest and Rector in the Church and has been served from the year 1934 to 1947. He struggled a lot to brought some of the trichy parishes under Pudukottai Parish. He is a honourable person who has initiated "Sacred Heart Feast" and "Holy Communion Feast" in the Church for the first time.
  • 1947: Most.Rev.Fr.A.M.Gonsalves, who is highly religious and close to the poor people, has been appointed as the 7th Parish Priest in the Church and has done many spiritual activities.
  • 1952: Thanjavur Diocese separated from Mylapore Diocese and Chennai Diocese joined with Mylapore Diocese. After the sudden demise of Fr.Gonsalves in 1956, Rev.Fr.Vincent P.C.Miranda worked as the temporary Parish Priest in the Church during the year.
  • 1956: Most.Rev.Fr.A.M.Kardosa joined the Church as the 8th Parish Priest and Rector and served until 1973 with many Catholic Religious and Spiritual Activities. In the year 1956, he started 'Infant House' which is the only infant house in Thanjavur Diocese which was recognized by the Government.
  • 1961: In 1961, Rev.Fr.A.M.Kardosa celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the Church after completing 50 years. In 1962, he started the Kinder Garten Primary school. He started Catholic Service Society, Maria Presidium, Catholic College Students Association (AICUF) and has participated in many spiritual activities. He is a kind hearted as well as a strict Priest.
  • 1973: Most.Rev.Fr.Pigneyira , who is Brave, Strong and Active Person, joined the Church as the 9th Parish Priest and formed Parish Council and Vincent De Paul Society. He constructed Mother of Lourdes Chapel in the Church and celebrated Holy Mass every Saturday. He built two Stages in the East and West side of the Church for the people to participates in the Holy Mass without Congestion. He conducted Lady of Perpetual Holy Chariot Race every 27th of the Month. He Started Libary and Power Society.
  • 1978: Rev.Fr.Pigneyira convered the Sacred Heart Higher Primary School to Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School. With the help of Bishop and People, he spent 2 Lakhs rupees to completely renovated the Church and also the Compound Wall of the Church. The Catholic Population at that time was 4782. He visited every village in the Parish and helped poor people for Well & Pumps and also increase the cultivation lands. He also changed all the top roof of all the parish churches. He constructed 60 houses at Namanasamuthram area and formed Pigneyira Colony.
  • 1980: Most.Rev.Fr.P.M.Joseph joined the Church as the 10th Parish Priest and Rector and served until 1987 with many Catholic Religious Activities and given importance to Catechism Classes. He started Catholic Prayer Group and conducted Full Night Prayers, Fasting Prayers and visited all the Villages and celebrated Holy Mass and improves Catholism. During his period, he build Arockia Madha Makkal Mandram, St.Sebastian Church at Kadayakkudi, Our Lady of Health Church at Kamarajapuram and St.Mary's Boys High School in the Parish.
  • 1987: Most.Rev.Fr.A.Lourdu Samy joined the Church as the 11th Parish Priest and Rector from 1987 to 1993. He has done many religious services like Colouring the Altar, Compound Wall for Cemetary and New Priest House. During his period the Lands for constructing Church at Machuvadi and Rajagopalapuram has been purchased.
  • 1993: Most.Rev.Fr.P.C.Michael joined the Church as the 12th Parish Priest and Rector from 1993 to 1997. He has done many religious activies like St.Sebastian Church at Poovampatti, Rajakulathoor Church, Priest House, St.Michael Kalayarangam, Renovating the Roof and Pantry area of Makkam Mandram.
  • 1997: Most.Rev.Fr.M.M.Sammanasu joined the Church as the 13th Parish Priest and Rector from 1997 to 2003. He given importance to Holy Communion and St.Mary's. He is a Writer, Speaker and Owned a Bold Voice. He built many Churches at many villages in the Parish. He renovated the Altar during the 90th Annual Celebrations of the Church. During his period, the Parish has been divided into 9 Divisions and a Parish Council Member has been selected representing 50 Family in the Parish.
  • 2003: Most.Rev.Fr.Amudhan joined the Church as the 14th Parish Priest and Rector from 2003 to 2006. He built St.Anthony's Chapel in the Church, increased the height of the Compound Wall and built many houses in the Villages and donated to the Poor people.
  • 2006: Most.Rev.Fr.A.Philomin Raj joined the Church as the 15th Parish Priest and Rector from 2006 to 2010. He has done many religious activities like constructing Churches for Needhinadhapuram and Sebastiarpuram, additional building for RC Middle School, centenary Memorial Hall, Collecting Fund for centenary celebrations through Magic Show, Special Prayers during Lent Seasons, Initiating English Mass by 12 Noon on Sundays.
  • 2010: Most.Rev.Fr.A.Jayaraj joined the Church as the 16th Parish Priest and Rector from 2010 to 2015. He is an excellent religious person, best designer and architect. He opened Mother of Rosary Church at Rajagopalapuram, Renovated Makkal Mandram, Installed Our Lady of Health Idol at St.Michael's Stage, Continous Rosary on first Saturday of the Month, Pilgrimage Tour for Parish people and youth, Jesus Resurrection Idol at Cemetary, Joined Annachathiram St.Anthony's Church with Parish, Starting Special Prayers on first Friday's from 10.30am to 2pm and many more.
  • 2015: Most.Rev.Fr.U.Savarimuthu joined the Church as the 17th Parish Priest and Rector and is the Current Parish Priest for Sacred Heart Church and doing lot of Initiations and Participations to the Parish.

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